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Movie slots have always been some of the most appreciated themed slots, but if there’s one thing that could be even better that would be playing slots with a movie themeo on a new casino. Just as it is fun to go to a movie premier of a film you’ve wanted to see for a long time, it’s also super fun to play games that have just been released.

Spins for Slots in New Casino Sites UK

Slots have developed a lot since the good old days of fruit machines in land-based casinos. We’ve seen them moved to the online world and get better graphics, better sound effects, nicer and more elaborate symbols, more paylines, more reels, more rows and, maybe most importantly, more bonus features. There are many new slot sites appearing every day because there are so many online slots that no one place can have them all.

Online slots now come with exceptional themes, which is why we’re so hung up on movie slots. It’s because they take you on a journey, they’re like adventure slots for the way they manage to immerse you into that universe and make you a hero of that movie also. They have features that are mini-games, but movie-themed games, that sometimes resemble the movie so much that you’re not sure if you’re just watching the movie or actually playing a game. If we could find a slot movie then things would actually go full circle.

Additional Features When Playing Online Slots

When looking for the best payout online slots in the UK, you should take different things into consideration. You’ll need to check their RTP and their volatility, but also the presence of bonus features. Bonus features range from free spins, pick-em games and themed ones, to simple features like autoplay, gamble options, bigger extra bets and even features that let you change the slot’s volatility. All of them are very useful because they will help you have more fun and even win more.

Some Tips When You Play Slots on New Casinos

If you want to have the best chances of winning when you play slots on mobile, and slots in general, then you should look for the ones with the biggest RTP and that also have plenty of bonus features. There are some slots that are just luckier than others, so you should give those ones a try. If you want to win, but don’t dream of life-changing money then it would be best to stay away from progressive jackpot games because while the potential win is huge, the chances of actually landing it are quite slim. It’s easier and safer to play a game with a bigger RTP and smaller wins, but actually, get them.

Embrace The Concept of the Payline

Most slots have paylines and some have ways to win. Basically, these are invisible lines on which winning combinations can be landed. If you form winning combos but they aren’t on a payline you won’t win. Always choose to bet on all paylines if possible.

Maximum Betting for Progressive Slots

If you still want to try your luck on progressive jackpots then you need to use the maximum bet. On most slots with progressive jackpots you won’t qualify for it unless you’re using the max bet. And playing a slot with high volatility and a small RTP without chances of a progressive makes no sense.

Current Jackpot

When playing progressive jackpot games you can see their current jackpot usually at the top. The number keeps growing all the time, or drops completely when someone’s just won it. You need to play the game when the jackpot is high because if you win it but there’s just £10 inside that won’t really help you.

Crazy Bonus Offers

Pairing a nice movie-themed video slot with a bonus offer is the best combination ever. While there are many nice bonus offers, some of them are just crazy. If you find one that’s exceptional make sure to grab it because there’s no knowing when you’ll get this lucky again.

Trigger the Bonus Feature

One of your main purposes when playing slots should be to trigger as many bonus features as possible. They come with free spins, cash prizes, multipliers etc, things that can only help you out and bring you even better wins.

Set up Betting Limits

No matter what type of casino game or betting you do, you need to remember to play responsibly. And this means setting up some betting limits and not going over them to spend money that you don’t have.

Read the Paytable

If you want to know what every combination is worth and how to trigger different bonus features, the easiest thing to do is check the paytable and find all the information you could need. From how to bet to how to win.

Best Time to Play Slots

The best time to play slots is just when they’ve been launched. You can be a trendsetter by playing all the games before your friends do. Most of them come with promotions in the beginning so you have a lot of fun and win too.

Payout for New Slot Sites in the UK

Just as in all corners of the world, the payouts for slots are established by the casino software provider. Sometimes the providers give a margin like between 97.5% and 98.7% and online casinos can choose between those numbers.

The ones that are fair will say what their RTPs are on their sites, while others might try to cheat players and not only will they not show their RTPs but they will also make it significantly smaller than the official ones. In the UK where the Gambling Commission is in charge of verifying new online casinos chances are that this doesn’t really happen so you’re self. Either way it doesn’t hurt to check.

Money Management

Money management is crucial when you’re gambling online, no matter if we’re talking about movie themed video slots, casino games, sports betting, any form of gambling should be approached with caution. Make sure to check the payback percentages, to inquire about withdrawal times and services, set a budget and don’t go over it no matter what and always, always check the wagering requirements and the Terms and Conditions.

It’s highly important that you never skip any of these things. This way you will have every single time and nothing will ever go wrong. You will be entertained and maybe even leave a winner, but you have to do it the right way. If you feel like you have trouble with money management talk to the customer support team and if things escalate into a full blown gambling problem there are countless specialists that can help you. Seek help.

Slots Myths

The biggest slots myths are that slot machines could be hot or could and thus due to land the jackpot and that you can have a foolproof strategy to win at slots. They work on a Random Number Generator, none of these things are true.

Ask the support team

If you need some information or have any question or issue that a paytable or the game itself could not help with, you can always ask the support team. They are there to help you with anything and trained to be prepared for any question.

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